When travellers check in at a property, they expect a certain level of comfort and entertainment. Television is indispensable. While some may argue that TV is dying in the age of streaming and on-demand content, in reality it remains essential, especially in the UK. Television still holds great value for the hospitality industry.

However, with the convenience and benefits of offering television come certain responsibilities, particularly respecting copyright laws. Hoteliers must ensure they have the necessary licences to broadcast content legally.

The AVLA licence enables hotels, aparthotels, B&Bs and similar establishments to legally display in public TV channels containing audiovisual works (films, series, documentaries, cartoons and other TV shows) from AVLA’s extensive repertoire. It covers TVs in bedrooms and in communal areas of the premises (e.g. in a hotel’s restaurant, bar, etc.). Operating without a licence constitutes a legal infringement of the rights of AVLA’s creatives.

AVLA represents the UK largest and most varied community of audiovisual creators, comprising various categories of rightsholders: producers, authors, performers, directors, and visual artists. The AVLA licence covers an immense catalogue of works and rights not covered by other licensors. For clarity, the AVLA licence does not replace the licences of other entities, and vice-versa.

Respecting copyright law is crucial not only to avoid legal or reputational risks, but also to support the UK’s world-class creative industries. So, by taking an AVLA licence, hotels are securing legal compliance and demonstrating their commitment to ethical business practices, while also helping to sustain and support the creative individuals and businesses working hard to produce the TV and film content that is so valued by their customers.

To learn more about AVLA and get the licence, visit www.avla.uk
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