The Burnt Chef Project Launches Industry Wide Workplace Stress Survey

The Burnt Chef Project have launched their annual industry survey which focuses on stress and the impact it has upon those working within the hospitality sector.

The survey, which is available until 25th March 2022, seeks to further understand the current hotspots for stress within the hospitality professions. The results will aid the The Burnt Chef Project to build appropriate training to help business owners, managers and leaders efficiently combat the high levels of stress within the industry.

Kris Hall, Founder of The Burnt Chef Project said “This is our fourth annual survey, and the uptake on previous research has been instrumental to understanding the current state of affairs within the hospitality sector. Data and insight is vital to ensuring we’re providing innovative and effective solutions for business owners, managers and leaders which focus on cultural changes and training in order to positively improve the working environment and ensure it's focused on the wellbeing of teams.”

Hall adds, “It’s no secret that people working within the sector have been subjected to high levels of stress due to the nature of the industry, but it’s time to move forward and away from the prehistoric thinking that ‘it’s always been that way’ and we’re here to lead that change for a healthier, happier and more sustainable future for hospitality professionals.”

To contribute to the survey, respondents should visit