TiPJAR Relaunches “Hospitality Workers Emergency Fund” to Assist Staff

Tipping platform Tipjar has relaunched its Hospitality Workers Emergency Fund in partnership with sector charity Hospitality Action, allowing the public to donate ‘tips’ to support vulnerable people in the sector.

The not-for-profit scheme has previously raised over £50,000 in urgent grant money for the hardest hit staff who were facing redundancies, job loss and financial hardship during the first lockdown.

This year, the goal is to raise funds using the Tipjar platform and Hospitality Action will identify those who need help the most and give them a grant of £250.

According to their calculations, hospitality staff are due to lose over £60m in tips during the month of December alone. These statistics are they say, crippling for the millions of workers that rely on these tips to pay their rent, feed themselves, or feed their families.

So, they have re- launched thier Hospitality Workers Emergency Fund V2 to allow the UK public to donate to a crisis fund to help the most vulnerable & in need in our sector during this time.

According to industry group UK Hospitality, this latest wave of cancellations, no shows and closures has already lost 40-60% of December’s transactions. Their staff are now faced with fewer shifts, fewer tips, and fear of their work safety.

“These statistics are detrimental to millions of workers who rely on these tips for paying rent, feeding themselves, or feeding their families,” said Ben, CEO of TiPJAR. Thomas says.

James Brown, founder of TiPJAR, said: “The government’s £1b support announcement aims to help businesses, but doesn’t give staff any surety or protection. With Christmas just a few days later, we want to do as much as we can. These are our people. This is our purpose.”

You can donate to help hospitality workers who need help in your area. By donating through TiPJAR, 100% of our donations will be donated to people in need. 

To donate just £1 you can visit the following links: