Tom Kerridge Urges Brits To ‘Stay Supportive’ Of The Great British Pub

Celebrity chef pens the foreword for CAMRA’s iconic Good Beer Guide 2021

Michelin-starred chef Tom Kerridge has thrown his support behind the Great British pub, penning the foreword for CAMRA’s Good Beer Guide 2021, which is set to be released on 29 October 2020.

Against the backdrop of a hospitality industry scarred by the COVID-19 lockdown, Kerridge has urged the country to ‘stay strong and stay positive’ in this year’s foreword.

Now available for pre-order, the Good Beer Guide is considered the definitive independent guidebook to good pubs that serve real ale across the UK.

Writing in the Guide, Kerridge observes “the one thing we have all missed during lockdown is human connection and social interaction, which above all else, is everything that the Great British pub provides – a warm, happy and friendly place for people to drink and eat.”

Kerridge also reminds us that the Great British pub is recognised around the world as a uniquely British institution, with real ale acting as the cornerstone of that identity.

He says, “the passion and the heart and soul that goes into brewing is equal to the top wine makers, distillers, cheese makers, bakers, artisan chocolatiers or any other craft led hospitality producer. It is something we should be very proud of.”

Despite their unique position, the pubs and brewing sector has been unusually hard hit this year in the wake of COVID-19, which is why CAMRA is calling for greater financial support for the sector.

CAMRA National Chairman, Nik Antona says: “Pubs may officially be ‘open’, but many are facing significantly reduced turnover and higher overhead costs due to social distancing measures. Others have had to make the difficult decision to stay shut until things improve – and there are some that will never reopen.

“We cannot overstate how important it is to support pubs during this difficult transition period. We hope people will use the Good Beer Guide to not only applaud the ‘cream of the crop’ featured, but also to visit all pubs during a time when they need it most.”

Tom Kerridge adds: “We need now more than ever to be positive and strong to enable us to drive the word home about how fantastic the Great British pub is, and most importantly, what it brings to each and every community.”