Top Musicians Roaring with the ‘Unofficial” England World Cup Song

When striking up a tune in a pub not many see the likes of internationally renowned record producers or famous guitarists step up, but when Rob Bass of the Kings Arms, Okehampton, penned a World Cup song former Bjork producer Rich Brown stepped forward to take the helm. The Kings Arms Collective was formed.

George Nix, former lead guitarist with the Hollies, who also played with the likes of Suzie Quattro, Dire Straits, Eric Clapton, and Jeff Beck, strapped on his guitar and the melody was born.

Rob enlisted the musical talents of lead singer of local band Quorum, Jordan Hookway, along with Jake and Chris Hodgson on acoustic guitar and drums and Mark Henderson who used to perform with George Nix in a band called Oddsox. Even the bar staff joined in with Phil Short and Ace Madison joining Alice Haddow, a pub regular, on vocals. The whole video was shot on an iPhone by cameraman Mark Annear.

Rob said: “For over 30 years, I have wanted to write and record an England World Cup song. It was a long ambition of mine and when I found myself at The Kings Arms with plenty of musicians and singers around me, the perfect line up assembled. I am not naturally musically talented myself but am in awe of everyone who has taken part to make this song as great as it is!”

With airtime across BBC Spotlight, BBC Radio Devon and Cornwall, the song has received fantastic feedback including from the England Band, the official supporters’ band of England football team, who said: “…Great tune, vocals, video shots are brilliant. Well done to all who took part. We get sent loads of songs and I can honestly say this is one of the best over the last 25 years.”

With a catchy tune and easy to remember lyrics the band is sure the British public will get behind the momentum as the England Team progresses through the World Cup tournament. “Everybody loves a bit of Na-Na-Nah when they are celebrating a win!” added Rob.

“When The Lions Roar” –