UKH Calls For UK-Wide Unity In Reopening Plans

UKHospitality has welcomed the Welsh Government’s framework for recovery from the Covid-19 crisis, but called on the Westminster and devolved Governments to ensure there is a unified approach to re-opening across the entire UK.

UKHospitality Chief Executive Kate Nicholls said: “It is positive to see the Welsh Government putting some thought to how businesses might begin to open, but we need much more detail on the what the Welsh Government’s seven tests mean practically-speaking for businesses.

“There must be a plan in place well ahead of any eventual reopening of businesses. The focus of the plan must be how we can open safely and viably, rather than when. We do not want to rush the process only to find out that businesses cannot operate and that customers and team members are at risk.

“There also needs to be a unified approach to this across the UK. Different countries moving at different speeds, potentially measuring against different criteria sends a confused message to businesses and customers.

“Businesses will also need continued support after reopening commences. UKHospitality is working hard to ensure businesses and staff are ready and safe to reopen only when it is appropriate, and we are happy to liaise with the Welsh and UK Governments to support.”