UKH Supporting Campaign to Lower Immigration Salary Threshold

UKHospitality has thrown its weight behind the FullStrength coalition campaign to lower the immigration salary threshold.

UKH Chief Executive Kate Nicholls: “Although the majority of the UK’s hospitality sector is home-grown, we do need to recruit from overseas. Our overseas talent is enormously important to an international industry drawing tourists from around the world.

“A salary threshold of £30,000 will exclude many roles in the UK’s hospitality sector. That means that significant numbers of businesses will be denied recruits and jobs left vacant around the country.

“It will affect every aspect of hospitality from coffee shops to hotels. That means there may not be people available to give you the great service you are used to in your favourite bars or restaurants, welcome you into hotels or make you the coffee you take for granted every morning.

“The salary threshold must be reduced or businesses on every high street in the UK may be left struggling and will only lead to higher prices and much less choice for customers.”