UKHospitality Reaction To Southwark Late-Night Levy Approval

UKHospitality has reacted to Southwark Council’s decision to introduce a late-night levy in the Borough.

The introduction of the levy, which will apply to all businesses licensed to sell alcohol after midnight, was approved at a meeting of the Council yesterday (Wednesday 17 July) and will come into force in September.

UKHospitality wrote to the Council this week urging it not to introduce the tax. UKH also gathered the signatures of more than 200 local businesses, residents and customers, against the levy.

Commenting on the decision, UKHospitality Chief Executive Kate Nicholls said: “Obviously, we are incredibly disappointed that Southwark Council has chosen to ignore the concerns of local businesses and residents. Pubs, bars and nightclubs that have helped drive the revitalisation of the area and foster a fantastic community spirit are now going to be penalised.

“By introducing a discredited tax, that the House of Lords recommended be abolished, Southwark Council has proven it only cares about revenue-raising, rather than supporting the local community. Local businesses, their employees and customers are the ones who will suffer.”