UKHospitality Reacts To SNP Manifesto Launch

Following the publication of the Scottish National Party’s manifesto this morning, UKHospitality has welcomed the document’s reflection of the importance of hospitality and tourism.

Commenting on the SNP’s Stronger for Scotland manifesto, UKH’s CEO, Kate Nicholls, said: “There are some very positive proposals that would help to unleash hospitality’s potential if implemented. The many references to hospitality in the manifesto pay due respect to the economic and social might of our sector.

“We particularly welcome measures to reduce employers’ National Insurance Contributions, a policy for which we have long campaigned, which would help to free up investment to create more employment.

“It is also heartening to gain political recognition that a lower VAT rate for hospitality would make economic sense, generating more commercial activity and tax receipts via tourism and hospitality trade. This is another issue on which we have pushed hard.

“The party’s statements about migration policies that focus on best serving the economy and society are also welcome and are a message that we would urge be heeded by whoever forms the next Government.

“Hospitality operators in Scotland will hope that the positive tone and references to our sector are reflected in SNP policy more widely. A good starting point would be to resist calls for a tourist tax that would kill a golden goose that serves Scotland so well.”