Wetherspoon And Track And Trace Check-Ins Approaching 6 Million

Wetherspoon has received 5,742,125 track and trace check-ins at its pubs across the UK and Republic of Ireland during the period August 3 to September 6 inclusive.

Customers can check in using a QR code as they enter the pub or at various points throughout the pub.

They also have the option of filling out a form as they enter the pub.

Only one customer per group is required to register. Each person registering states how many customers are in their group.

On average there are three customers per group.

Wetherspoon chairman Tim Martin said: “ As the weeks have gone by, trade and registrations have increased.

“There were approximately 1.5 million registrations in the past seven days. Since there are three customers per group, approximately 4.5 million visitors to our pubs are contactable through the track and trace system for last week.

“People are intelligent and if you explain a system that’s for their own good, and for the good of family, friends and the public generally, they will co-operate.”