Wetherspoon Begins its “January Sale”

JD Wetherspoon is reducing the price on a range of drinks and meals from January 2, until January 17 in England, and begins January 3-17 in Scotland.

The pub chain has launched its January sale slashing the costs of certain beverages and food

Pub-goers can now purchase Bud Light and Doom Bar for £1.99, whilst select cocktails are priced at only a pound more.

Other alcoholic drinks in the sale include Corona seltzers and spirits.

Those who prefer low or alcohol-free drinks are also in luck, as beverages such as Heineken 0.0, and Kopparberg Strawberry and Lime have also had their cost cut.

Wetherspoons have also slashed the prices for their refillable hot drinks, with Lavazza coffee, tea, and hot chocolate, priced at £1.29.

Customers can also enjoy slashed prices on food, with the Wetherspoons small breakfast just priced at just £1.99.

Burgers will also be on sale, priced at £4.99 with a soft drink. The deal costs £6.46 if the burger is bought with an alcoholic drink.

Wetherspoons founder and chairman Tim Martin said:

“Department stores and shops hold their sales in January, so it is the perfect time to have a sale in the pubs too.

The range of drinks and food on sale in the pubs is aimed at suiting a wide variety of tastes. This year we have included our biggest selection of low and non-alcoholic drinks.

I believe that the January Sale will prove popular with our customers. As always, staff at the pubs will serve customers responsibly.”

The January sale is available across the 800 and more Wetherspoons pubs.