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Veganism Driving Environmental ‘Innovations’ in Food and Drink Sector

With more Brits than ever being aware of their impact on the environment, veganism is helping to drive environmental ‘innovations’ in the food and drink industry.

Research by MPA, conducted through YouGov Profiles, found that one in seven people in the UK classed themselves as flexitarian (14%), 4% as vegetarian and 3% pescatarian.

Only 1% of respondents classified themselves as vegan but 5% said they were likely to go vegan within the next 12 months.

Brits also want businesses to keep up with the growing trend, with 45% agreeing that restaurants should offer more vegan and vegetarian options.

The data also found that over one in five adults (21%) are avoiding palm oil because of its link to deforestation of the rainforest, which threatens the Orangutan population.

Stuart Bentley, delivery manager at MPA said: “The food and drink industry is one of the most affected following the nation’s incredible reaction to blue planet [effect].

“From the hospitality industry, right through to the farmers producing the crops, businesses have needed to adapt to create a more sustainable business model and react to customer demand – and the industry will need to constantly evolve to keep up.”