CAMRA’s Champion Beer of Britain Award will Include New Beer Styles

CAMRA, the Campaign for Real Ale, will include new beer styles in its Champion Beer of Britain competition, the winner of which is announced each August at Great British Beer Festival in Olympia London.

A review by dedicated beer writers, brewers and CAMRA members was launched to determine the most relevant beer styles in the market, resulting in the most far-reaching update since 2008.

The new styles will be unveiled at the Manchester Beer Festival (22-25 January) and the Great British Beer Festival Winter in Birmingham (4-8 February) at a series of information/tasting sessions run on opening trade day.

Christine Cryne, who chaired the review said: “The range of beers in the UK has moved on substantially over the past decade, and our Champion Beer of Britain competition needs to reflect that. Many beer styles that were not really noticeable on the market a decade ago have become more prominent and vice versa.

“As a result, the total number of judging categories has been increased and new styles will be entering the competition for the first time, such as IPAs and Pale Ales. These changes ensure that the Champion Beer of Britain competition remains up-to-date and truly reflects the very best beer in Britain.”