Action Against Hunger’s ‘Chefs Up’ Event Raises £140,090 for Türkiye and Syria Earthquake

‘Chefs Up’, hosted by Andi Oliver, brought together some of the biggest chefs in London’s food scene. Angela Hartnett, Neil Borthwick, Robin Gill, Sabor’s Nieves Barragán as well as Francesco Mazzei, took over the restaurant Darby’s in Wandsworth to cook up some food, and fundraising, for Action Against Hunger – the international charity predicting, preventing and treating life-threatening hunger.

Action Against Hunger’s response to the earthquake in Türkiye and Syria has so far been concentrated on providing food, water, shelter, medical supplies as well as mental health support. There is also a community kitchen in Türkiye which can support up to 3,000 families up to three times a day.

Long-time Action Against Hunger ambassador and participant at the event Nieves Barragán Mohacho said: “The Türkiye-Syria earthquake has devastated so many lives. I have been shocked to hear the hardship faced by families, particularly children and mothers whose homes have been lost and who are now without kitchens to cook vital food.

“It’s been a huge honour for me to bring together some of the biggest names in the culinary world for the ‘Chefs Up’ event, so that we can provide more support to the people who are coming to terms with this disaster.”

Commenting on the event, Action Against Hunger’s CEO Jean Michel-Grand: “Our chef supporters have once again shown how much they can quickly whisk up funds for the emergency.

“Natural disasters like the earthquake faced by Türkiye and Syria overturned people’s lives overnight. It has been a month since the earthquake, with jobs, houses and access to food still out of reach for many. Without basic needs like food, water and sanitation in this emergency, families and people can feel that a stable and healthy future is not possible.

“Action Against Hunger’s response in Türkiye and Syria has targeted these basic needs through food, shelter and cash distribution as well as mental health programmes. We cannot thank all the chefs at the fundraising event enough; the funds raised will go toward helping people pick themselves back up after the emergency.”