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BaxterStorey Hosts Culinary Experience with Kirk Haworth

BaxterStorey recently hosted its latest Culinary Experience event in London with Great British Menu star and Executive Chef at Plates, Kirk Haworth. The event welcomed 40 Chefs and Chef Managers from across the BaxterStorey business to explore the latest in plant-based cookery.

Kirk is renowned for his refreshing approach; after a career in classical cooking, he moved to a plant-based diet to manage his diagnosis of Lyme Disease. He inspired BaxterStorey teams with a live recipe demonstration and met with chefs across the business to discuss his approach of improving wellness through plant-based cookery.

Kirk commented: “What we eat is so powerful, not just physically, but mentally too. My philosophy is plant-based food should not be judged on preconceptions people have about vegan food, and the dishes created by BaxterStorey chefs are an example that plant-based food can be incredibly exciting. Limitation can often breed creativity, so when you are so restricted from so many ingredients you are used to cooking with, it creates a unique and raw style.”

Andrew Aston, Head of Wellness and Nutrition at BaxterStorey and organiser of the masterclass, said: “I’m delighted that Kirk came and shared his experiences and passion for plant-based food with us. We are becoming more and more aligned with the food that we eat and have a better understanding of the positive impact food can have on our health and wellbeing, which is why we serve our customers the best in fresh, locally sourced produce and have introduced initiatives like Food EQ to make plant-based ingredients the key focus on the plate.

“Our chefs left feeling inspired by Kirk and can now go back to their kitchens better equipped with knowledge and skills on how to create exciting new dishes, which are full of nutrients and seasonality but are ultimately delicious and packed with flavour, whilst continuing to support our wonderful producers.’’

Greg Bramwell, Head of Food and Marketing at BaxterStorey, added: “Our Culinary Experiences means our chefs can be inspired and educated by our unique approach to collaboration with our specialist chef friends and our wonderful producers. They share our commitment to providing the most relevant food experiences and have some really aspirational stories on the work that goes into the ingredients that we use.’’