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Father’s Day Boom for Hospitality Breakfast Bookings

New stats indicate a fresh occasion for hospitality, as breakfast bookings up nearly 60% for Father’s Day last weekend, according to a survey from hospitality tech provider Zonal.

The survey has revealed new insight showing a 57% increase in bookings for breakfast on Sunday 19th June 2022 compared to Father’s Day last year. Overall breakfast accounted for 12.5% of all bookings for the day this year.

Roast dinner fans can rest easy however, as lunch remains the most popular Father’s Day treat, with 39.5% of bookings in pubs and restaurants at this time. The stats also show people booked earlier this year than in 2021, with 28% of people booking at least one week in advance, up from 24% in 2021. This is backed up by the fact that fewer people booked at the last minute this year – with 23% of bookings taking place on the day in 2022 versus 33% last year.

Similarly, the insight shows Mother’s Day celebrations this year were typically planned in advance with 46% booked more than a week before and just 15% on the day. Brunch was popular on this occasion with five times as many more bookings for brunch with Mum than with Dad.

Mothering Sunday continues to be more popular than Father’s Day overall, with 24% more bookings in pubs and restaurants.

Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at Zonal, Olivia FitzGerald, said:
“The rise in bookings for breakfast with Dad and brunch with Mum represent a real opportunity for the trade. Operators should be looking to tap into this trend next year by driving sales earlier in the day on both Father’s and Mother’s Day with advance promotions, offers, and up-selling.

“With consumer confidence waning as the cost of living rises, savvy operators will be thinking creatively about budget-friendly family occasions, using different day parts to maximise the opportunity.”