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Fentimans Launches 2020 Premium Soft Drinks And Mixer Report

Fentimans, the botanically brewed drinks maker has announced the launch of their second annual data driven report, offering a unique insight into the premium soft drinks and mixers market in the UK. In what has been one of the most turbulent years to date within the hospitality sector, the report combines Fentimans’ deep knowledge of premium drinks with in-depth data and authoritative analysis from research consultancy CGA to give a 360 view of the trends, challenges and opportunities that currently face the sector.

The report focuses on the UK licensed channel and the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic in three distinct stages: pre-COVID, the impact of lockdown and the recovery of the market since the re- opening of the sector. In March and April combined, the hospitality sector accounted for 33% of the UK’s entire drop in GDP1, but within a month of re-opening 67% of 18-34-year olds had been back to the on-trade.2 Similar to last year, the report then looks ahead to 2021 and the new trends we can expect to see.

In light of the recent pandemic, Fentimans also highlights some key on-trade market trends for outlets such as ‘planning and experience’, which explores consumers increasing efforts to plan and book outings, with venues and operators having to deliver more memorable experiences. This also includes ‘bringing the out-of-home in’ and the adaptability for delivery and takeaways in both the food and drink sectors, as well as the ongoing importance of wellness in the workplace.

The report then gazes into the future, predicting drinks trends and flavours we expect to see more over the next twelve months including finding comfort in British ingredients such as Rhubarb and British apple varieties, new takes on tropical flavours and the rise of ‘mood foods’ including ginseng, aloe vera and other adaptogens within the sector.

The report looks at the market from two points of view: that of consumers and their evolving needs and that of the businesses and brands that serve them. It explores consumer themes such as the continued rise of the eco-conscious buyer, with 65% of consumers now expecting to see ethically sourced food and drink, as well as over half (54%) wanting to find environmentally friendly packing.3 It also takes a look at the growing importance of health and wellbeing and the trade-off between digital technology and physical connections in a new Covid-world.

Andrew Jackson, Marketing Director at Fentimans commented: “As we navigate through a particularly difficult period within the industry, we want to provide relevant market intelligence to help operators identify opportunities and contribute towards shaping their future. We believe the hospitality industry is unlike any other and we remain confident that premium soft drinks have an important part to play in the recovery of the sector.”

Download a free copy of the report here: