Government Publishes Guidance For Hospitality Reopening

The government has published a 41-page guidance document for the safe reopening the hospitality sector on 4 July.

The guidance offers advice on social distancing, “keeping customers and staff safe”, “workforce management”, “cleaning the workplace” and “inbound and outbound goods”.

The guidance also includes support surrounding introduction of table service, and encourages the use of contactless ordering from tables where possible, for example through an ordering app.

It suggests “adjusting table service approaches to minimise staff contact with customers” and states: “Indoor table service must be used where possible, alongside measures such as assigning a single staff member per table. Outdoor table service should also be encouraged, although customers are permitted to stand outside if distanced properly.”

Where bar or counter service is inevitable, operators should take steps prevent customers from remaining at the bar or counter after ordering.

The guidance can be viewed here