Hollywood Star Keanu Reeves Stuns Pub’s Locals with Surprise Visit

Hollywood star Keanu Reeves surprised pub locals after paying a surprise visit over the weekend.

Posting a picture on their Facebook page, the pub said: “So today we had a surprise visitor for lunch… What a lovely man he was too.

“Laura asked if he would be ok with taking photos with the kitchen lads. He marched into the kitchen shook their hands and praised them for the food they had prepared. Suffice to say he made their days!!!”

“It was a bit worrying because I had to cook for him but we took it out to him and he said thank you and was really nice,” 18-year-old Scott Valentine said. Apparently Reeves two others ordered two large fish and chips and two shepherd’s pies.

Posting photos of the surprise encounter to its Facebook page, a staff member of The Robin Hood wrote:

“He took the photo and I put it on my Instagram and it blew up quite a lot. Loads of people said it was amazing and they were really jealous.”

Taking to Twitter Fullers said “Imagine Keanu Reeves just casually rocking up to your local pub for fish and chips… well, that’s exactly what happened to our tenants at The Robin Hood in Tring, Hertfordshire.”