London Pubs Set for a Grand Slam Revenue Hike if England Beat France in This Weekend’s Six Nations

Six Nations rugby matches drove an 84% revenue surge for pubs across the UK compared to overall February income

London pubs can expect a boost to food and drink sales this weekend if the England Rugby team is victorious in its next Six Nations match against France, according to new spending data from payments company Dojo.

Data from the last Six Nations match weekend (25th/26th February 2023) found that pubs in London made up to 8% more in sales revenue when England’s rugby team won its match against Wales versus when it lost against Scotland, and over 4x more than the average amount spent in pub’s each day in February across the UK.

London pubs generated an average of £5,633 in sales when England beat Wales on 25th February – 8% more than the £5,232 average sales per location when England lost their first game against Scotland on 4th February.Overall, the last Six Nations weekend boosted sales across the UK by 84%, with the third weekend of matches generating average sales of £2,480 a day per pub, compared to £1,347 for the whole of February.Jon Knott, Head of Customer Insight at Dojo, said: “Live sport is a huge revenue driver for the UK’s hospitality industry. It’s fantastic to see fans across the country going out and helping support their local pubs and restaurants, regardless of who they are backing in the Six Nations.

“However, household finances continue to be squeezed – meaning every pound spent not only costs more, but means more. Hospitality venues are under pressure to ensure they deliver the best experiences for their customers, to create loyalty and help drive sales. Those that can do this successfully should see a healthy uptick in sales this weekend as the second half of the Six Nations kicks off.”