One In Four Pub Visits Now Alcohol-Free

New research has revealed that one on four of all visits to a pub do not include alcohol.

The study, by KAM Media, based on a survey of 1,000 UK adults and 170 pub licensees, revealed that there are key opportunities to improve both the range of non-alcoholic drinks for customers, and also to better communicate the range available.

Katy Moses, managing director at KAM Media, said: “More than one in two consumers said they find it difficult to see which cans and bottles, behind the bar, are low and non-alcoholic versions of alcoholic drinks, or soft drinks specifically. Improving the visibility and communication of the ‘low-and-no’ range available is key, especially with so many new and unfamiliar brands entering the category.

“Many licensees are aware that they need further advice on how to better display and communicate their range, and the majority [two in three licensees] want extra support on how to better satisfy these ‘low and no’ customers, so it’s a great opportunity for collaborative growth.”

The research found that 45% of consumers are satisfied with the ‘low and no’ range available in pubs, and 47% in restaurants. Around 63% of customers expect low and no alcohol variants to be cheaper than alcoholic equivalents.

Gen Z and millennials were found to be less bothered by price; the research found that 36% are happy to pay more for a good quality low-or-no alcohol variant, while only 19% of those over 35 years old agree.

KAM’s research also identified that many licensees are excited about the ‘low-and-no’ opportunity, with two-thirds having increased their range in 2019. Many (72%) see the growth of the ‘low and no’ category as an opportunity to upsell customers into more premium drinks than traditional soft drinks.