Outdoor Dining Looks Set To Stay In High Street Regeneration Plans

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is to set out plans this week to regenerate the UK’s high streets, which have been in slow decline for years, by expanding outdoor dining and investing more in sports facilities as part of his promise to “level up” the country’s economy.

After the success of various pedestrianisation schemes around the country during the pandemic, outside dining the UK will follow the continent in making it part of UK “way of life”, with pavement licences to be extended and then made permanent, Mr Johnson is expected to announce.

In addition, Takeaway pints will continue for another 12 months as the temporary permissions for off-sales of alcohol are extended, giving a further boost to the hospitality industry as residents enjoy a great British summer together outdoors.

Following England’s success at the Euro 2020 football championships, despite last nights loss, the PM will also unveil £25m of new funding for sports facilities.

The announcements will form part of a larger speech on levelling up the country after the pandemic.

A government spokesperson said: “The Prime Minister is determined to level up the UK and deliver a fairer, stronger society – one where whatever your background and wherever you live, everyone can access the opportunities they need to succeed.

”While talent and potential is distributed evenly across this country, opportunity is not.

“That’s why as we emerge from the pandemic, it’s vital that we do not make the mistakes of recovery from the financial crash and seize this moment to ensure a better quality of life for people in every part of the UK.”