In a world where businesses are increasingly facing pressure on resources and margins, having the right payment systems partner becomes crucial.

Payment services are one of the most fundamental parts of a business’ finances, but they’re also an area that’s rapidly changing. Artificial Intelligence, digitisation, and predictive analytics are already starting to make a difference to how businesses operate and how they plan.

Business owners in the hospitality sector are calling out the emerging trends. From the rise of online and remote payments, to increases in travel and tourism, the use of cards as a payment mechanism, the need for payment software that supports exceptional customer service and card payments which integrate with other financial products and

Size doesn’t matter

Many businesses want an omni-channel payments approach, and this supports our motivation to be able to offer a holistic view of payments, which can really help serve as a commercial advantage.

Cardnet can evolve with an individual business; comfortable with operating as effectively for small independents, as it can for large corporates. It means that any changes to payment needs can be met seamlessly – whether that’s switching from in-person to online payments, looking at multi-currency payments, or buying into a complete omni-channel

It’s all about the data

One of those needs is understanding how digital transformation can create opportunities for your business. Being able to use and optimise your data is a great example. While data is fast becoming one of the most valuable assets you have, being able to access it easily, and analyse and understand what it means for your business can still be a challenge. Cardnet have the tools to deliver a business management solution that is expressly designed to make running your business easier because they have data sitting at the top table.

You may know your customer by name, or what they look like, but our systems can help you better understand their actual behaviour, creating a more robust customer profile, and help you take a deeper dive into what they’re actually spending their money on.

The insight from your own customer data is great, but it can be backed up by broader data from our wider group. We touch more than 25% of the UK card market, which creates access to some strong trend information about where customers are spending, which in turn might be the extra push you need to get ahead of those trends everyone is talking about. We can share that insight with the businesses we support.

A 360 degree view

It’s clear that the card is still king when it comes to payments, but as new technology emerges, and payment habits start to evolve, finding efficiencies when margins are tight and customers are watching every penny can really make a difference to growth and how successful your business becomes.

With an increasing 360-degree view of real-time payment activity across every point-of-sale channel, and a full range of payment solutions to choose from, security is also important. No business can afford to lose money, or reputation, which is why secure data processing and fully PCI compliant payment devices is a must, regardless of who you work with. The Cardnet platform has a 99.9999% uptime* providing reassurance for you, your business, and your customers.

Taking the worry out of payment acceptance means you can focus on delivering great service, secure repeat custom, and support your ambitions to grow and hopefully thrive in even the most challenging of environments.

Some 35 years of experience in supporting hospitality businesses of all shapes and sizes with card payments has gone into developing Cardnet so that it continues to meet business’ requirements now and in the future.

We’re proud to support UK hospitality businesses be a part of that future.

*Based on the Cardnet platform maintaining 99.9999% uptime covering the 12 month period from January 2023 to January 2024.
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