Springboard, Offers Support to Ukrainian Refugees with Training and jobs Access

The UK hospitality charity, Springboard, is offering support to Ukrainian refugees via their employability programmes, designed to provide job seekers with the skills needed to start a flourishing career in hospitality.

Open to all unemployed people eligible to work in the UK, Springboard’s programmes help disadvantaged and unemployed people of all ages, backgrounds, and walks of life to gain the skills, knowledge, and experience required to get a job in the sector.

Training is tailored to the individual’s needs and can include not just industry skills, but meta-skills, such as well-being and building confidence, in addition to how to apply for jobs, writing an effective cover letter and CV, and even interview practice with professional feedback.

Welcoming applications from Ukrainian refugees, Springboard can provide essential resources and assistance to those entering the country and seeking employment, whether or not they have prior experience working within the hospitality industry. Once training has been completed, the trainees have access to over 25,000 potential new jobs on the CareerScope hub, ranging from front-of-house roles to management positions, as well as finance, sales, and HR.

There is a wealth of additional support available on CareerScope, a partnership between five organisations: Springboard, UK Hospitality, the Institute of Hospitality, Hospitality Action, and the Savoy Educational Trust. Its objectives are to promote careers in hospitality, attract talent to the industry and help those who work in the industry. Financial and mental health support are among the support available.

Aiming to futureproof the talent pipeline for hospitality by addressing the ongoing staff and skill shortages, Springboard encourages anybody interested in securing a job in hospitality, leisure, and tourism to create a free CareerScope profile and explore the training and job opportunities available.

Chris Gamm, CEO of UK hospitality charity Springboard, said:
“We are deeply saddened by the ongoing situation in Ukraine and the effects it has had on thousands of people, leading them to seek refuge in the UK.

We want to emphasise that our initiatives are open to all unemployed people eligible to work in the UK, and we encourage individuals looking for support in finding work within the hospitality, leisure, or tourism industries to make use of the employment programmes available to them. Our CareerScope platform has a wide range of job opportunities that we hope will help support a broad cross-section of the Ukrainian community relocating to the UK to secure meaningful employment in roles that they will find rewarding and enjoyable.”