Team Members at The Sack of Potatoes Celebrating Combined 60 Years of Service in Hospitality

Sheila Khagan and Vicki Phillips from The Sack of Potatoes, Birmingham are both celebrating 30 years of service in the hospitality industry in April and May respectively.

Vicki and Sheila began working together in 1992 at The Gosta Green in Birmingham and have been at The Sack of Potatoes for the last 15 years. The pair have formed a wonderful friendship in their time working together, with their friendship continuing outside the pub, going on holidays together. They have created some amazing memories along the way and have both made relationships with all the customers they have served over the years.

Vicki Phillips, General Manager of The Sack of Potatoes, said: “I cannot believe how quick the last 30 years have gone. I have enjoyed every minute of it, this is a brilliant milestone to have achieved and it is amazing to be able to share it with Sheila. There have been some amazing memories that have been made, it is hard to pick a favourite. I would have to say meeting fellow colleagues and customers over time has been a highlight, it has been lovely getting to know everyone so well and seeing the same faces come back into the pub.

“I am privileged to have been able to work with Sheila for the last 30 years, she is a really great friend of mine and I hope to have many more years of service and memories with her. Sheila is a true asset to The Sack of Potatoes and is loved by both the staff and customers. She does so much for myself, the pub and everyone else, I just want to say a huge thank you.”