The Great British Serving Staff Shortage

waitress-2376728_960_720Hot on the heels of National Waiters’ Day (8th September), research has been released that reveals a major shortage of serving staff is expected in the face of a ‘hard’ Brexit.

The good news is that 79% of managers feel that the UK has the workforce available to fill any future shortfalls, meaning roles are attainable for those looking to pursue a career in hospitality.

The seven hospitality roles most at risk of staff shortages as a result of Brexit have been revealed:

  1. Waiter / Waitress (80%)
  2. Bartender / Barista (64%)
  3. Host (48%)
  4. Hotel concierge (34%)
  5. Chef (26%)
  6. Restaurant manager (17%)
  7. Hotel manager (10%)

As the brainchild of First Dates’ Fred Sirieix, National Waiters’ Day aims to celebrate and promote the hospitality industry as an exciting profession, with a particular focus on waiters. The sentiment is shared by High Speed Training, a leading online training provider to the hospitality industry, which has shared the research ahead of the launch of its report: Preserving the ‘Art of Hospitality’: Championing the Industry for Post-Brexit Survival. The report findings will draw upon extensive research amongst both UK hospitality business owners and the public, making valuable recommendations on how businesses can successfully recruit and retain more staff post-Brexit.

Dr Richard Anderson, Head of Content Production at High Speed Training, said: “National Waiters’ Day brings recognition to those in the sector that help to give the UK the reputation of providing excellent hospitality service. So, as a ‘hard’ Brexit is expected to hurtle Britain into unknown territory, hospitality managers should take appropriate action to protect their workforce so that we can continue to be proud of the exceptional service that we provide and are renowned for.”