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Two Major Milestones Celebrated at Punch Pubs & Co

There have been some impressive milestones at Punch Pubs & Co recently with two major anniversaries being celebrated, with two landladies across the independent pub company’s 1,300 strong portfolio being honoured with gifts on behalf of the business, congratulating their combined 55-year commitment to running a great pub.

On Saturday 22nd April, Leicestershire landlady Sheila Wyllie – described by many as a champion for the locals – marked her 25th year anniversary running The Nags Head pub in Enderby.
As an honorary member of the Loughborough-based Rainbows Children’s Hospice, and a regular fundraiser for the local community, Sheila has amassed a huge customer base and continues to run the pub with the same enthusiasm that she started with over two decades ago.

Crediting the locals, her loyal staff and family, including stepchildren Trudy and Terry, who have supported her over the years, Sheila said: “For me, it’s all about getting everyone involved. We have a great community and local customer base, and I love to keep everyone happy.”

To celebrate her magnificent milestone, Punch Pubs Operations Manager Christian Gregory, presented Sheila with an array of gifts including her very own branded pale ale – which can now be found inside the bar of the village hotspot.

Christian said: “Sheila runs a great pub. She is welcoming to everyone and is a pillar of the community. The Nags Head is a fine example of the Great British pub, and we are proud to work with Publicans like Sheila.”

Further up the UK, Christine Bintcliffe was celebrating her admirable 30-year anniversary having first stepped into the pub trade 35 years ago.

A much-loved landlady of The Carnforth Hotel in the city of Lancaster, Christine, alongside her trusted sidekick and sister-in-law Dot Bintcliffe, has followed the pub through a three-decade long transition taking on various changes from the smoking ban to Covid restrictions, all in her stride.
With a passion for making the locals happy, Christine regularly hosts live music acts and supports calendar events with seasonal parties for both adults and children to enjoy.

Christine said: “Despite the changes over the last 30 years, the essence of running a good pub remains the same. Knowing your customers and being the face of the business is key to its success. My favourite part of the job is having a laugh and a joke with the regulars, and I have no plans to give up the trade I love.”

In recognition of her impressive milestone, Christine, hosted an extravagant event on Sunday 23rd April to celebrate with her family and loyal customers. She also received an honorary plaque and a bottle of brandy from Punch Pubs & Co Operations Manager Rebecca Davies, who said: “Christine is a well-loved Publican, famous for her humour and it has been my pleasure to present her with a plaque for an incredible 30-year achievement. She truly is the spirit of The Carnforth Hotel.”