UK Hospitality Responds to Reshuffle and Government Restructure

Responding to the restructuring of Government departments, UKHospitality Chief Executive Kate Nicholls said:

“Given the seismic impact that rising energy costs have had – and continue to have – on hospitality venues, the creation of a new department to focus on energy security is good news.

“The importance of energy to business operations cannot be overstated, especially at a time when so many other inflationary pressures are in play, so this separation within Government must not lead to any disconnect in policymaking and engagement. In fact, working together will also be essential for hospitality businesses to deliver economic growth and achieve its net zero ambitions.

“Hopefully, the restructuring of DCMS priorities will herald a new focus on the role tourism plays in the UK, contributing £75 billion to the economy, and as a key export trade. The department’s Tourism Recovery Plan is essential for the sector and I look forward to working together on its delivery.”