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Brighton and Hove Restaurant Awarded National Prize for Wine List

Eetch-by-steven-edwards in Hove has been recognised as holding the Best Medium-Sized Wine List in the UK. The venue was awarded a Gold Star when Star Wine List and The Buyer returned to the UK to celebrate the best wine lists and the teams behind them for the fourth time.

Sam Weatherill, sommelier and restaurant manager at etch. was thrilled to receive this year’s award for Best Medium-Sized List in the UK, saying: ”It’s an amazing recognition to have. We’ve been developing the wine list over the last five or six years, pushing it slowly, trying to work on it every week as best as we can. And it’s nice for us to show that there are places outside the big city where you can still drink great wines and have a great meal.”

Sam and the team at etch. have compiled a diverse and progressive wine list, said jury member Piotr Petras. Piotr described the list as, ”Smart, progressive list focusing largely on smaller, independent producers from around the world and highlighting the diversity of English sparkling wines.”

Etch. by Steven Edwards will now qualify for the World Final in June 2024, where they will face off with the category winners from other countries and continents.