CAMRA Supports Labour’s Plans to End ‘Decline’ of British Pubs

CAMRA has lent its support to Labour’s announcement of a five-point plan to “end the decline of British locals” Nik Antona, CAMRA Chairman, said: “We’re delighted to see that Labour have recommitted to their policy on introducing a genuine community right to buy.

“This measure will strengthen the powers available to communities to save their local pubs and prevent unscrupulous developers from pricing out local community groups that want to buy their local.

“Beer duty is still too high in the UK, and it’s great to see a prospective Chancellor recognise the importance of campaigns to lower this burden. CAMRA supports a reduction in draught beer and cider duty, to incentivise the production of cask beer and encourage people to drink beer in the on-trade.

“If elected, we hope that the Labour party implement these plans as soon as possible to protect pubs from closure and give consumers choice at a fair price.

“The Labour manifesto also included a commitment to change the outdated business rates system to make it fairer between online enterprises and bricks and mortar businesses like pubs, which are massively penalised in the current system.”

“We recognise that this would take longer to implement, and any changed system must make sure that pubs no longer pay a disproportionate share of rates and that a new, fairer business rate regime recognises their community value to help keep our locals open and thriving as a vital part of our social fabric.”

Labour’s five point plan to support pus is:

1. ‘Right to buy’ shuttered pubs: Labour will give communities a strong new ‘right to buy’ beloved community assets like pubs, giving local people the chance to take over pubs that are closing or set to be sold to the highest bidder.
2. Crack down on anti-social behaviour: Labour will crack down on anti-social behaviour with more neighbourhood police paid for by ending wasteful contracts.
3. Roll out banking hubs: Local pubs serve customers who rely on cash, and they need reliable and accessible banking services on the high street. Labour will roll out banking hubs to guarantee face-to-face banking on the high street
4. Replace business rates: Pubs have been hammered with higher tax whilst online giants have failed to pay their fair share. Labour will replace business rates with a new system of business property taxation which rebalances the burden and levels the playing field between our high streets and online giants.
5. Cut energy bills for good: Too many pubs called last orders due to soaring energy bills. Great British Energy will invest in clean British energy to cut bills for good and protect pubs from spiking global prices.