BBPA Releases 2024 Guide for Publicans

The BBPA has published its latest cost benchmarking guide for publicans and all industry stakeholders wishing to understand the breakdown of pub operating costs and is available for free on the BBPA website in the policy campaigns > pub operations tab here.

Business plans and the negotiations over leases and tenancies in the UK pub trade should be as well-informed as possible. This industry-leading guide provides the latest data for business partners on typical operating costs for running a pub.

This report represents the best available 2023 data from BBPA member companies on the costs of running a tenanted and leased sector pub. It is a vital reference tool for anyone running a tenanted and leased pub or thinking of doing so, giving examples of different trading models in terms of turnover and sales mix, providing both averages and ranges recognising the variations that will exist for any individual pub and across different parts of the country.

Emma McClarkin, CEO of BBPA commented:  “We are delighted to publish our latest cost benchmarking report today which we know is a widely used report across the industry and is a vital component to understanding the breakdown of leased and tenanted pub operating costs today.

With the challenges the sector continues to face across a number of fronts, robust data and insight is more important than ever and this report provides important analysis across the key operating costs for various tenanted and leased pub models, to support business partners at this time”