Craft Guild of Chefs Seeks Nominations for Honours & Awards

Nominations are now open for the Craft Guild of Chefs Honours and Awards, which will be announced at the Annual General Meeting, taking place at 11:30am on Sunday 23rd April 2023 at The Hilton Waldorf Hotel, Aldwych, London, WC2B 4DD.

Andrew Green, chief executive of the Craft Guild of Chefs, said: “Attendance will give you the chance to see just what we have been up to, and also to see how we run your Guild.”

The Honours and Awards available for nomination include:
• Rising Stars: Awarded to young people, members or non-members, who have been recognised as potential stars of the future. If the young person is not currently a member of the Craft Guild then one year’s complimentary membership will also be awarded.
• Local Heroes: Awarded to members who work tirelessly on Guild business in their local area or chosen field.
• National Hero: Awarded to a member who has worked tirelessly over a long period of time to promote the Guild, and the Guild’s ethics.
• Diploma for Support: Awarded to non-members for their continued support and assistance in the promotion of the aims and objectives of the Craft Guild of Chefs.
• Diploma for 50 years Membership: Awarded to members of any grade of membership who have completed 50 years of membership of the Guild. These members will no longer have to pay, but still retain voting rights.
• Bronze/Silver/Gold Medal: Nominees for these medals come from the Committee of Management. These awards are not necessarily progressive in nature but recipients should be awarded the medal colour that is most appropriate to their performance and or achievement.
• Fellow: The grade of Fellow is awarded to suitably qualified members of good standing who have not less than five years continuous membership of the Guild who have been proposed and seconded by two Fellows of the Guild and endorsed by the Vice Presidents’ Council
• Governor: The grade of Governor is awarded to Fellows with at least 20 years of Guild membership and who have either given outstanding service to the Guild or held a principal divisional or national office or have served on the Committee of Management, rendering distinguished service to the Guild in so doing. A maximum of 40 Governorships are permitted in the Guild at any one time. The appointment to a Governorship is made by the Vice Presidents’ Council.
• Honorary Membership: Awarded to non-members who have rendered outstanding service to the Craft Guild.
• Company Award: Presented to Business Partners who have shown significant support and involvement with the Craft Guild of Chefs over the past year.
• Chairman’s Shield: Awarded to a catering training organisation, nominated by the National Chairperson, who have clearly demonstrated qualities and outcomes that mark them out for this award.
• Chairman’s Award: Awarded to any member or non-member who has given extraordinary service to the Craft Guild of Chefs. Nominated by the Chairperson of the Craft Guild of Chefs.
• President’s Trophy: This is awarded to any establishment for outstanding food and service. This award is nominated by the Chairperson of the Vice Presidents Council.
• Order of Merit: This is the highest award given by the Vice Presidents’ Council for meritorious and outstanding service in furthering the aims and objectives of the Craft Guild of Chefs over a long period of time (minimum 25 years). This award is only given in exceptional circumstances.
• Vice President: Appointments to the grade of Vice President are made to a member of the Guild who has displayed exceptional dedication to the Guild. Suitable candidates are identified by the Vice Presidents’ Council and will be invited to submit a portfolio of their activities and involvement with the Guild including any offices held. The citation should include a statement of why the applicant should be considered and what special qualities and attributes they would bring to the Council.
• Special Achievement Award: Awarded by the Vice Presidents’ Council to a member or non-member of the Guild in recognition of exceptional achievements in promoting the aims and objectives of the Guild.

Please make sure your entry includes a citation as without one it will not be considered. The deadline is Friday 27th January 2023. Special Awards maybe awarded at the discretion of the Vice Presidents Council.

Completed forms should be sent to: Honours & Awards, Craft Guild of Chefs, 1 Victoria Parade, By 331 Sandycombe Road, Richmond, Surrey, TW9 3NB.