Hospitality sales fell by 4.1% over the six-week summer holiday period between 25 July and 4 September this year in comparison to 2021. Drink sales were up 1.2%, however food sales saw a significant fall of 9.6%, according to figures from S4labour.

The data also reveals that across the four weeks of August alone, hospitality sales dropped 5.7% against 2021. Food sales were down nearly 12% and drink sales improved 0.5%. Although this decrease seems drastic, it is, in a great part, the result of the 2021 staycation boom, with 2022 seeing more Brits travelling abroad for their holidays.

This year, the industry is seeing the reversal of 2021 trends. Tourism is back up in London, with sites up 12.7% on sales, while non-London sites suffered a 6.8% drop. This turnaround sits in correlation with the low base point for London sales in 2021, as UK coastal regions saw staggering increases in footfall and sales during the 2021 summer holidays. S4labour’s chief innovation officer, Richard Hartley, said: “As well as the reversal of the 2021 staycation phenomenon, this summer, the sector has faced the headwind of industry challenges, albeit there is evidence of resilience.

Tourism is back up in London, a much-needed boost for the capital after last year’s decline, and on the whole, drinks sales were up as a result of the warmer weather.”