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MPs Celebrate World Cider Day

World cider day was celebrated for the first time in Westminster this week, as MPs were given an opportunity to sample the wide range of ciders made by Great British cider makers.

MPs joined thousands of cider enthusiasts around the world this week to raise a glass in celebration of cider. As the largest global cider market, UK cider makers shared a wide range of different types of ciders in celebrate of this annual event. Representing the counties of Herefordshire, Somerset, Devon and beyond, ciders were displayed in various bar locations within the Palace of Westminster for the first week of June, recognising how World Cider Day has grown from humble beginnings, to an event that is celebrated in markets globally, from beaches in Australia to bars in the US, with cider makers in South Africa, Japan and across Europe holding special events to celebrate this important date in their calendar.

MPs were invited to sample traditional ciders that have been at the heart of the industry for decades, alongside newer innovations including a selection of low alcohol ciders that are gaining significance in the UK marketplace. A range of bag-in-box ciders were on display, showing the importance of the still cider category to the hospitality sector and the range of locally sourced ciders reflected the importance of cider apple orchards in the UK.

Mark Hopper, Public Affairs Director of the National Association of Cider Makers commented that:
“The traditions of cider making go back centuries in the UK, with roots firmly in rural communities, it is of great importance for farming and employment in these areas. Bringing together MPs to sample such a wonderfully diverse range of ciders, reflecting the importance of the category and the wide range of flavours that can be created from a simple apple is something to celebrate.”

Sir Bill Wiggin MP, Member of Parliament for North Herefordshire, said:
“I am delighted to celebrate World Cider Day with a glass of cider and offer colleagues within the Houses of Parliament a chance to sample the fabulous and wide-ranging ciders made by Great British cider makers.”