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Pub Staff Rewarded For Bravery And Best Practice By National Pubwatch

National Pubwatch has recognised three members of pub staff for taking action to save lives and provide safe drinking environments for customers.

Bravery & Meritorious Conduct Awards, which recognise individuals whose actions have either saved life or minimised physical harm in the night-time economy, were given to bar team leader Jean-Luc Julienne and pub manager Stuart Richards.

Pub manager Beth Burns of The Queens Hotel in Maltby, South Yorkshire received an Award of Merit, sponsored by GBG, for her efforts to reduce crime and improve community cohesion as chair of Maltby Pubwatch.

The awards were presented at the National Pubwatch Conference this week in Sheffield. National Pubwatch is a voluntary organisation, which supports over 800 Pubwatch schemes across the UK, and works to promote safe, secure and social drinking environments in all licensed premises throughout the UK.

Jean-Luc Julienne, bar team leader at Wetherspoon pub JJ Moons in Wembley, saved the life of a customer who had been seriously injured in a knife attack.

In February 2023 the customer was attacked and stabbed on the street in front of the venue. The victim stumbled back into the pub where Jean-Luc ran to his aid. He instructed staff to secure the doors, call for an ambulance and move customers to a safe location whilst applying firm pressure the victims wound.

On receiving his award Jean-Luc said: “I just did my duty of care. If I see someone in distress I will be there to help. I just did what I had to do and I had to help or this guy could have lost his life. I just feel honoured to be recognised and very humble to have been nominated.”

Stuart was working in a pub in Kingston on Thames, Surrey, in July 2022 when he became aware of a domestic incident between a male and female in the venue. He was concerned that the female might be in danger and followed them when they left the pub intervening when the man attempted to strike the female.

He also aided police who attempted to apprehend the suspect after he struck a female officer in the face.

On receiving his award Stuart said: “I was just doing something that I thought was the right thing to do. I am quite surprised but very happy to be recognised and it means more because National Pubwatch is part of the industry. I am very proud to get this award and it means a lot.”

An Award of Merit, which recognises individuals that have contributed to the success of pubwatch schemes, was given to Beth Burns, manager at Wetherspoon pub The Queens Hotel in Maltby and chair of Maltby Pubwatch, for her commitment to reduce crime and improve community cohesion.

Beth said: “It is great to be recognised with this National Pubwatch Award. Partnership working with other stakeholders in the local area has really worked in bringing the community together.”

National Pubwatch chair Steve Baker OBE said: “It is important to recognise all these individuals who have done so much to make the late-night economy a safe place.

“It was a real privilege to thank them for all their bravery and hard work to make sure that there is a safe environment for customers.”

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