Wetherspoon has opened its new unit at Heathrow Airport today (Monday October 2).

Star Light opened on the site of the former Carluccio’s in Terminal 4 (airside).

It is the company’s 2nd trading unit at Heathrow Airport and its 8th airport unit in the UK, and the company hasspent £500,000 developing the new unit, creating up to 60 full and part-time jobs.

Star Light has seating for approximately 140 customers.

It will be open from before the first flight until after the last flight each day.

Wetherspoon chief executive John Hutson said:
“We are pleased to have opened Star Light.

“We have operated units at Heathrow Airport since 1991 and are proud of our association with one of the world’s largest airports.”

The name refers to the fact that towards the end of World War II, land in and around Heathrow was requisitioned for an international airport.

On 6 December 1945 Donald Bennett landed the first civil aircraft (a 13 seat Avro 691 Lancastrian), named Star Light.

In 1946 the new airport was officially named ‘London Airport’ and renamed Heathrow in 1966.