Brits Set To Drink Over 600 Million Pints Throughout Euro 2024 – Almost Double The Consumption For Euro 2020

Brits are expected to sink more than 600 million pints throughout Euro 2024, according to reports.

That figure is almost double that of what was downed in pubs and social clubs for Euro 2020 three years ago. Estimates suggest approximately 604.5 million pints will be sunk up to and including the tournament’s final on July 14.

Additionally, reports also indicate 30 million pints were drunk during the Three Lions’s 1-0 victory against Serbia on June 16. Furthermore, Scottish fans drank the fan zone in Munich dry prior to their humbling defeat to Die Mannschaft on June 14.

Betting website, compared the expected beer consumption for Brits against other recent major sporting events. These include the 2023 Rugby World Cup and this year’s Cheltenham Festival to name but a few.

Key Data Takeaways
• A whopping 30million pints drunk for England’s win against Serbia on Sunday
• Euro 2020 tournament saw 364million pints downed by thirsty Brits
• £2.4bn set to be spent on beer in the UK alone thanks to favourable kick off times

Londoners estimated to spend the most when they watch the Three Lions play

Unsurprisingly, England fans toasted their Euro 2024 opener against Serbia by downing 30 million pints of beer. Jude Bellingham’s header provided the perfect tipple as the Three Lions laboured to a 1-0 win.

Naturally, pubs and clubs across the UK were cashing in owing to the 8pm kick-off. Consequently, supporters were able to drink throughout the day, right up until full time at approximately 10pm.

Gareth Southgate’s side are in action on June 20 when they take on Denmark in Frankfurt with a 5pm kick-off. Therefore, millions of fans will either book the day off work or finish early to consume as many pints of beer as possible.

Brits Sunk 364 Million Pints Throughout Euro 2020

England Scotland and Wales’ participation in Euro 2020 saw 364 million pints of beer drunk throughout the tournament by Brits. The final between the Three Lions and Italy saw 13 million sunk alone.

Held a year later owing to the Covid-19 pandemic, thirsty Brits took advantage of their new-found freedoms by wasting no time in drinking pints down their locals.

Gareth Southgate’s side going all the way to the final helped boost the number of pints sold. And of course, it provided a timely boost for the hospitality industry.

£2.4bn Set To Be Spent On Beer In The UK

With Brits on course to drink approximately 604.5 million pints of beer for Euro 2024, a staggering £2.4Billion will be spent across pubs and social clubs.

Considering the number of venues that closed during 2023, and with the cost of living crisis, the projected figure is a herculean effort from football-fanatic Brits.

If broken down by person, it works out to approximately £74.25 spent per-head throughout the tournament. If England were to go all the way to the final again, it’s likely the £2.5bn barrier could be broken.

Londoners Estimated To Spend The Most
In terms of regions in the UK who are estimated to spend the most on pints of beer during Euro 2024, Londoners will be forking out the most.

Naturally, the cost of pints in the English capital is one of the highest in Europe. However, that isn’t expected to deter beer-going football fans.

All in all, it’s predicted that £120 will be spent just on beer throughout the tournament from locals and those planning to visit the big smoke to watch matches. The Euro 2024 beer consumption won’t come cheap.