Commenting on the news that Asahi will close its Greenwich brewery and move all production to Fuller’s Griffin Brewery, CAMRA’s Real Ale, Cider and Perry Campaigns Director, Gillian Hough said:

“Having first moved production of Dark Star from Sussex to the Meantime brewery in Greenwich, it’s a further blow for British brewing to hear that Asahi will now move production of both Dark Star and Meantime to a single site in Chiswick.

“Multinationals constantly seek out the authenticity of smaller brands, whose integrity is tied to their founding, their place of production, and the love and care that comes from a team of skilled brewers. Buying up and consolidating these brands in the name of profit not only strips communities of their brewing heritage, and creates redundancies for the brewers themselves, it often fundamentally destroys what made that beer special in the first place and reduces consumer choice to a meaningless selection between products owned by a single brand.

“CAMRA believes that consumers deserve real choice at the bar, and that small independent breweries should be able to retain their unique character.

“We condemn Asahi’s choice to further consolidate its brands in the strongest possible terms, as well as their decision to announce this while all eyes are on the Spring Budget announcement. With so much at stake for brewers across the UK, Westminster will rightly be where much of the trade’s focus lies today.”

Asahi UK has stated that they propose to bring production of all its local beer brands together under one brewing operation at the Griffin Brewery in Chiswick.

Beer has been brewed on the original Chiswick site since the seventeenth century, it continues to be a landmark for British Beer brewing to this day, and the proposed move Asahi UK says, helps support a commitment by creating more efficient, sustainable operations, with a solid foundation for future innovation and investment.

Asahi has commenced a consultation process, and supporting colleagues through this is its immediate priority.