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Greene King Announces Further Support For Team Members With Brand New Fertility & IVF Treatment Policy

Greene King has announced its brand-new inclusive Fertility & IVF Treatment Policy today, the latest addition to its suite of family-friendly policies.

The initiative is the latest addition to Greene King’s suite of family-friendly policies.

When announcing the news, Greene King said it recognises that every person’s experience of fertility treatment is unique and different, with no two experiences the same.

Line managers will be provided with a guide to advise on how they can best support people going through a fertility journey, and team members and their families can also access help, support and resources from the Greene King’s Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) which is available 24/7, all year round.

Andrew Bush, Chief People and Transformation Officer, said: “When we were reviewing our family policies it was clear that we needed to include a Fertility & IVF Treatment Policy that was inclusive for all, as not everyone’s journey to starting a family is the same.

“We understand this can be an extremely anxious time for anyone undergoing or supporting a partner or surrogate through fertility treatment, which can have an emotional, physical and financial impact, especially if treatment is unsuccessful.

“It’s important as an inclusive employer, that we are there to support all our team members, so that they can balance their working lives with something on such a significant personal scale and help to minimise any worry that taking additional leave can cause.”

To make sure the new Fertility & IVF Treatment Policy was inclusive for all its team members, it consulted with all four of its employee led inclusion groups (ELIGs), to ensure that everyone’s circumstances would be represented within the policy.

In addition, Greene King will be adding an updated Carers Leave policy, ahead of new employment legislation coming into force in April.