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Loneliness Awareness Week Charity – Marmalade Trust – Is HEINEKEN UK’s New Official Charity

HEINEKEN UK has announced that Marmalade Trust, the charity behind Loneliness Awareness Week (12 – 18 June), is its new official charity partner. Marmalade Trust is one of the UK’s leading loneliness charities dedicated to raising awareness of loneliness and helping people to make more social connections.

To coincide with Loneliness Awareness Week, HEINEKEN UK commissioned research1 reveals that almost half (46%) of adult Brits experience feelings of loneliness at least once a week.

Almost the same number of Brits (45%) will conceal their loneliness by fibbing to friends about what they did at the weekend. Instead of fun-filled time with friends, they are too embarrassed or ashamed to say they spent the weekend alone.

Further to this, Brits are quite comfortable telling lies about their fake weekend social plans with friends: 40% saying they’d been to the pub, 36% claiming they’d been into town, and 34% saying they’d gone shopping with company.

Despite the prevalence of loneliness in communities, Brits are in fact longing for more moments of social interaction. 45% of Brits say they would like to go on more nights out but that they don’t get many invites.

The new partnership between HEINEKEN UK and Marmalade Trust will see them work together on a number of initiatives, including introducing loneliness awareness staff training within both organisations and raising awareness of the charity and its work through the Star Pubs & Bars estate and the wider hospitality industry, which is well placed to support social connections.

Those Star pubs wanting to get behind the charity will have access to free point-of-sale kits including double sided beer mats, conversation starter topics, and an easy-to-use fundraising QR code that customers can scan to donate directly to Marmalade Trust.

Lawson Mountstevens, Managing Director of Star Pubs & Bars at HEINEKEN UK, says: “Most of us experience loneliness at some point in our lives, but the study shows almost half of us experience it on a weekly if not daily basis. While it’s nothing to be ashamed of, it’s something that we need to talk about and address. Social connections are key to helping people who are experiencing feelings of loneliness. Pubs are at the heart of communities. They are places where we can meet family and friends, make new connections, laugh, share problems, and build bonds with people over a cider or beer. Partnering with Marmalade Trust is a natural fit for us – we’re going to work together with them to build a more connected world.”

Amy Perrin, Founder of Marmalade Trust, says: “We’re thrilled to be partnering with HEINEKEN on a cause which is incredibly important to both companies. At Marmalade Trust we know just how prevalent loneliness is amongst those living in the UK and we also know how important the role pubs play is in bringing people together and fostering connections. With HEINEKEN’s support, we hope to be able to raise even more awareness of loneliness across all demographics in society, and most importantly continue to provide Brits with the resources that they need to feel and get more connected.”

Adam Griffiths of The Duke of Wellington, Chewmoor-Lostock caters for a Local Friendship Group which has led to group members now participating in pub quizzes and visiting the pub at other times to socialise. Says Adam: “Being at the heart of the community, pubs can and do play a central part in bringing people together. Putting on events, providing people with a reason to come out, and opportunities to talk to one another is essential for the health and wellbeing of everyone.”