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Marston’s Gains Access to a New Generation of Talent with Placed

Marston’s, the heritage brewery business which operates over 1,500 pubs and Inns nationally and employs over 12,000 staff, has partnered with mobile recruitment platform Placed to attract and retain talent better across all of its UK sites.

CVs and advertising vacancies in windows have fast become an ineffective and obsolete means of applying for jobs and searching for candidates. Research shows behavioural changes in how job opportunities are now sought: 66% of those aged 25 to 34, 65% of those aged 35 to 44, and 64% of those aged 45 to 54 use mobile phones to search and apply for jobs.

The hospitality sector remains the largest employer of young people, yet few organisations are attuned to these behavioural shifts; 75% of Millennials for example found their last position directly through a social media platform.

With further recruitment challenges within the hospitality sector exacerbated by the ongoing pandemic, Marston’s aims to use technology and data-driven recruitment solutions over agencies and traditional job boards to attract talent within a competitive marketplace, gain access to a larger pool of quality applicants and recruit effectively and efficiently – saving more time and money than any other recruitment method.

Alice Barriball, Director of Resourcing, Marston’s commented:
“Optimising our hiring process by recruiting candidates more accurately and swiftly remains crucial given that we’re one of the UK’s largest employers in the hospitality sector. For the first time, we are able to use technology effectively to target and attract the right people; we have a centralised platform for streamlining all the unwieldy administration that comes with recruiting, and we’re able to build awareness of our brand to prospects, showcasing all the important aspects that make us a great business in which to work. We need to adopt a more modern, innovative way of recruiting in order to grow and strengthen our workforce. With this partnership, we now have the right tools at our disposal to do this effectively.”

Jennifer Johansson, CEO and founder of Placed app commented:
“Industries with a high churn rate, such as hospitality, are caught up in a perpetual cycle of recruitment and training. Recent figures estimate that job vacancies in the hospitality sector are up 700% (ONS, 2022).

An element of this retention problem lies in recruiting the wrong candidate whose career aspirations or values may not align with that of the employer. Using technology to match compatible candidates with compatible employers ensures that positions are filled with people who are a better cultural fit for companies. This saves a huge amount of time and money on the recruitment process. We want to help businesses like Marston’s attract and retain talent right, thus increasing engagement and longevity of careers right from the onset.”

Placed was founded in 2017 by Johansson after working in the hospitality industry. Here, she perceived a disconnect between industries suffering high labour churn and the new generation of job seekers. The platform and app ensures the right candidates are matched to the most suitable employer in terms of location, type of job, culture and company ethos. Employers are able to create a compelling company profile showcasing work culture using videos from employees, testimonials and real team photos that captures the company’s personality and team spirit.

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