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NTIA Slams London’s ULEZ Expansion: Night Workers and Economy Under Siege

Copyright David Hawgood.

The Night Time Industries Association (NTIA) condemns in the strongest terms the reckless expansion of London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) scheme. The poorly conceived midnight threshold, coupled with the removal of day travel passes, underscores a shocking lack of consideration for the city’s workforce. This showcases a worrisome detachment from the working dynamics inherent to the capital since the end of the pandemic, and a distressing ignorance of the pivotal role played by workers who constitute the very bedrock of the city’s vibrant economy.

Michael Kill CEO NTIA Says “The midnight threshold unfairly condemns countless night workers who are unable to afford compliant vehicles to a double whammy of charges as they diligently fulfil their duties during unconventional hours. It also brings into question how many night workers are paying double when public transport is limited due to industrial action.”

“This long standing issue will be further compounded by further policy changes which will see parking fines increase and the imposition of outrageous charges for using the Blackwall Tunnel. These unjustified financial impositions, coupled with the impending removal of the day travel pass in January, are unmistakable signals that London’s authorities are turning their back on the very essence of accessibility, safety and inclusivity.”

While the NTIA acknowledges the significance of embracing environmental sustainability, these hastily imposed measures fail to strike a reasonable equilibrium between ecological concerns and the safety and vitality of the workforce and economy. The potential fallout from these misguided policies threatens not just economic stability, but London’s very identity as a leading global metropolis.

As a relentless advocate for the interests of businesses and communities, the NTIA demands an immediate and thorough reevaluation of these draconian measures. Collaboration with stakeholders across sectors is imperative to rectify this assault on workers, residents, and visitors alike. It is imperative that London’s reputation as an exhilarating, affordable, safe and economically feasible destination is not decimated by shortsighted policy choices.

The NTIA vows to vehemently engage with policymakers, business leaders, and community representatives to safeguard London’s position as an extraordinary, accessible, and thriving global hub of innovation and culture.