Public Will Cut Out Restaurant Visits if Businesses Do Not Adapt to Rising Inflation, says GlobalData

UK restaurants have been warned that the public will “cut out “ restaurant visits if the hospitality sector does not adapt to rising inflation .

The warning follows news that UK inflation has hit a 40-year high;
Ramsey Baghdadi, Consumer Analyst at data and analytics company GlobalData, says:
“In response to the rising inflation, many people are being forced to tighten their purses, with GlobalData’s latest survey finding that close to two thirds* of UK consumers are worried about their financial situation.
Restaurant operators are going to suffer more losses unless they introduce regular promotions and discounts or even introduce a range of lower-priced items as these discounts will be necessary for businesses’ long-term survival.

“Value positioned businesses, such as Greggs and McDonald’s, will suffer losses if they raise their prices dramatically as living wages take a toll on consumer expenditure. These operators are at a higher risk of backlash from patrons than, say, a premium positioned restaurant due to three main factors: consumer expectations, dining occasions and overall dining experience. Full-service restaurants have a leg up in this regard as their customers are often willing to pay more for a premium experience and special occasions – something that a chain that relies on affordability and convenience when targeting the daily lunchtime rush simply can’t match.

“Given the rate of inflation, fast-food operators may lose customers to homemade lunches and retail meal deals if they can’t meet consumer expectations, which will put many businesses between a rock and a hard place.”