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Roux Scholarship 2022: Entries open today as the Roux Family set the recipe challenge

The Roux family has launched its search for a 2022 scholar, offering a prize of up to £12,000 to support career development as well as invitation to cook and train in a three-Michelin-star restaurant anywhere in the world for up to three months.

Just two weeks after the conclusion of the 2020/21 competition, in which Oli Williamson was crowned a new Roux Scholar, the Roux Family launched the 2022 competition with a challenge that will test chefs’ creativity as much as their skills, Alain Roux and Michel Roux Jr have set out the ingredients for chefs’ applications: two fresh Dover soles weighing anywhere between 600g-700g (maximum 800g) cooked and served either whole, or in fillets and 300g whole brown shrimps with shells on; together plated with two ‘simple’ or ‘composed’ garnishes/accompaniments. One of them must include homemade pasta made on the day of the competition. The other is to be a garnish/accompaniment of their choice.  One of these can be served separately if preferred.  A sauce must accompany the dish.

Chairman Alain Roux said: “The beauty of these superb ingredients is their simplicity: Dover sole is at its best in spring when the dishes will be prepared. It will be fascinating to see how our chefs deal with offering tasty, interesting dishes while not over-complicating the delicate fresh flavours. In particular, I am excited to see what shape of pasta the chefs will choose. I’m really looking forward to some inspired cooking.”

Chairman Michel Roux said: “No sooner the competition is over and the next one begins. Dover sole, shrimps and pasta: so much scope for flair and imagination, I can’t wait to see what our chefs come up with. I know what I would do but what will the 2022 scholar create?”

Vice-chairman Brian Turner said: “Dover sole and brown shrimps are such iconic British products. I am really excited to see what our potential scholars do with their recipes. I do hope the dish will be simple, elegant and full of flavour. Good luck to all!”

Applicants have until midnight on 31 January 2022 to submit their recipe, with those qualifying invited to compete in regional heats, where they will prepare their dish as well as a dessert made from a mystery box of ingredients presented on the day.