SIBA Responds To Reports Of Forthcoming Beer Shortages Due To Planned Industrial Action

Responding to reports of forthcoming beer shortages from the global brewers due to planned industrial action, James Calder, Chief Executive of the Society of Independent Brewers said;

“Amid fears of taps running dry, pubs, bars and restaurants should look beyond mass-produced beers from the Globals and speak to their local independent breweries. Being local they have the flexibility to brew and get beer directly into venues up and down the UK.

British independent breweries are producing some of the best beers anywhere in the World and can be found across every corner of the UK. They are brewing a hugely diverse range of styles from lagers and pale ales, to porters, stouts and of course, cask real ale. As the hospitality industry fully reopens the UK’s independent brewers are ready and waiting to fill the supply gaps we’re seeing hit an already struggling hospitality industry.

James went on to say;

“Distinct, quality local beers could prove more popular with customers than your original offering of global beer, which are available anywhere.

Small independent breweries have suffered massively while pubs, bars and nightclubs have been closed, so now as the UK’s hospitality industry begins on its road to recovery let’s work together and offer customers a great-tasting local lager, craft ale, IPA or stout.”