The UK Bartenders Guild will be sending one of its top UK female bartenders to compete against the best in the world in the International BarLady competition this March.

The competitor will be selected to represent the nation in the competition, which is held in Athens on March 8th-9th.

The International Barlady competition is held on International Women’s Day and highlights the talent and professionalism of female bartenders across the continent.

Competitors will be tested across two categories to showcase their skills, creating two original creations including a Classic Cocktail from a selection of International BarLady Competition Sponsor products and then a National Cocktail, including local elements or inspirations from their home country.

Other key talents including professionalism and technical expertise will also be measured, and successful competitors will need to be multilingual, allowing them to have conversations with the foreign guests, as in the world’s most exclusive bars.

As education is one of the key goals for the competition, there will also be training and upskilling opportunities across the event. These include a selection of lectures from trailblazing women across Europe in the Food & Beverage industry, who will be breaking down the progress of women in the sector and what more can be done to heighten their profile further.

This focus on education is carried through to the prize, which will include both the prestigious title of ‘Barlady Of The Year’ and entry to elite bartending courses for bartenders and bar managers from the IBA.

Supported by the International Bartending Association, the competition is known as the reference event for professional female bartenders and will test the contestants on their mixology skills.

Again, original creations will be key to success, with each competitor being matched with a sponsor that they’re required to utilise in their entry, making quick thinking, and true understanding of what makes a good cocktail essential to success.

Claudia Carrozi, Guild President for the UK Bartenders Guild, said: “Competitions such as these are crucial to raising the status of the incredible women in our industry across Europe, so it’s thrilling to be able to get involved and enter some of our amazing talent.

“Our country has great talent, working at some of the world’s most exclusive and respected establishments, so being able to demonstrate the strength of our sector is always exciting.

“The events as a whole are also a great showcase for why female talent is essential to the success of our industry. Female bartenders and other women across the Food & Beverage sector play a vital role in a multi-billion dollar industry, and events that champion the profile of the top women in our profession are an exciting thing to be a part of.”