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Drinkaware Launches Campaign To Check Your Drinking

Drinkaware is kicking off a nationwide campaign today (Thursday 4 July) during Alcohol Awareness Week, to encourage people to take the free Drinkaware Drinking Check and ensure they are not putting their health at risk.

Drinkaware’s research showed that two-thirds (66%) of adult drinkers in the UK, an estimated 30 million people, have never been asked to check their drinking. Taking the Drinking Check on Drinkaware’s website is a quick and easy way to understand how alcohol may be impacting your health. It also provides advice on how to have a healthier relationship with alcohol.

The Drinking Check asks you questions about your drinking and tells you what your drinking habits mean for your health. Studies have shown that it can effectively identify people with risky drinking behaviour. Regularly taking the Drinking Check can help you keep track of your drinking and stay within the Chief Medical Officer’s low risk guidelines of 14 units a week.

Karen Tyrell, Chief Executive of Drinkaware, said:

“We are used to regularly checking our eyesight or going to the dentist, so we should be doing the same for our drinking. Taking the Drinkaware Drinking Check is free and only takes a few minutes, you can do it in the time it takes to boil the kettle.

“It is a simple way to ensure your drinking is not putting your health at serious risk and provides advice to help you moderate and keep within the low risk drinking guidelines.

“Whether you’re thinking about having a drink to celebrate or commiserate over the next few days, why not take the Drinking Check today.”

To take the free Drinkaware Drinking Check visit: