Pint of Beer Predicted to hit £13.98 by 2025

As we see the fastest price in the last 40 years a survey has predicted that beer is likely to almost £14 per pint by 2025 .

The survey compares essential living costs, everyday items and additional things Brits love to spend their extra cash on we can reveal the top 18 things we spend money on and how much they have increased in cost over the past five years.

 It’s revealed in only five years prices have soared at the fastest pace in 40 years, within the last half-decade. The top three things that have increased the most since 2017 are: 

  • Music Concert Ticket – 97.52%
  • Meal at a Restaurant – 91.67%
  • Uber Journey – 48%


Item 2017/18 Costs 2021/22 Costs 5 Year Difference Increase by 2025 2025 Predicted Costs
Music Concert Ticket £45.49 £89.85 97.52% 58.51% £142.42
Meal in a Restaurant £28.59 54.7985 91.67% 55.00% £84.94
Uber Journey £10 £18 80% 48.00% £26.64
Gym Membership £23 £40 73.91% 44.35% £58
Cup of Coffee £2.25 £3.40 51.11% 30.67% £4.44
Vehicles £13,500 £20,000 48.15% 28.89% £25,778
Education (p/a) £296.40 £431.60 45.61% 27.37% £549.73
Monthly Streaming Services £6.74 £9.24 37.09% 22.26% £11.30
Rental Accommodation (p/w) £192 £256.14 33.41% 20.04% £307.47
Clothing (p/a) £726.00 £951 31% 18.60% £1,127.96
Milk per pint 43p 55p 27.91% 16.75% 64p
House Prices £223,807 £281,000 25% 15.00% £323,150
Cigarettes £9.91 £12.33 24.42% 14.65% £14.14
McDonald’s Cheese Burger 99p £1.19 20.00% 12.00% £1.33
Transport (p/a) £4,144.40 £4,820 16.30% 9.78% £5,291.40
Pint of Beer £3.52 £4 16.19% 9.72% £4.42
Hotels per night £97.20 £112.26 15.49% 9.30% £122.7
Household Appliances (p/a) £102.10 £112.20 9.89% 5.94% £118.86

Beers and Cigarettes

The cost for a pint of lager has risen 16% since 2017. It’s expected by 2025 the average price of a pint will be £4.42, almost a pound more than in 2017.

For Londoners however, the average cost for a pint of beer is predicted to reach £13.98 from £8 by 2025!

A pack of 20 cigarettes has increased by nearly £3 in the last 5 years, with the yearly rise in costs expected to reveal an average price of a 20 pack of cigarettes nearing £15 by 2025. As the average UK smoker smokes 20 cigarettes a day, this amounts to over £5000 a year.


The cost of an average Uber trip has risen 80% since 2017, from £10 to £18. When it comes to train travel, Brits have the highest prices compared to the rest of Europe at over 55p per mile. By 2025, the average single journey could cost up to £26.64.


The national average continues to grow, with weekly rental prices averaging out at £256.14 weekly, resulting in a spend of £13,319.28 per year.

Before considering mortgage rates, the average spending has escalated from £223,807 in 2017, to £281,000 this year. Following this trend, the average buyer could be paying £323,150 for a home by 2025.


The UK already had some of the most expensive hotel prices worldwide prior to the pandemic, with the average hotel costing £97.20 a night in 2017. Between 2019 and 2021, prices rose by 41%, the equivalent of £300 more per week.

Daily Essentials

Rising by 27.91%, since 2017, the price of milk has risen from 43p to 55p per pint. Buying necessities suddenly feels like extravagant spending, with prices expected to continue growing yearly. By 2025, a 64p pint of milk is expected to be the norm.

The average cost of coffee has soared above 50% in the last 5 years. To put this in perspective, a daily cup of coffee would cost Brits £225 annually in 2017, if they chose to buy one cup of coffee each working day. In 2022, the exact same purchase would result in an annual spend of £840, hitting £1154.4 in 2025, one-tenth of the current minimum wage!


On average concert ticket sales have seen a 98% increase in price in comparison to 5 years ago. By 2025, the average ticket is predicted to rise up 58%, costing a whopping £142.42.

Streaming services are seeing higher levels of demand, especially in a post-pandemic world. By 2025, the monthly price of streaming service subscriptions is expected to increase by nearly double since 2017.

Eating out

The average meal out has seen a 91% increase in the past 5 years, costing nearly £55 in £22. This would have cost less than £30 back in 2017, whereas it is predicted to be nearly £85 in 2025.

Chris Eastwood, Co-founder at Penfold, a digital pensions provider,

“Rising prices are impacting people across the UK, with almost every activity, commodity, and service observing increased costs as shown from our research

The reality is the heightened levels of inflation we are experiencing do not align with how quickly wages have risen. An increase of 15.35% has occurred in the last five years, yet overall costs of living have nearly tripled by 41.27%. 

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