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Coffee Shops and Cafés Show Strongest Growth Potential in Food to Go

Lumina Intelligence’s latest market report on the food-to-go industry revealed that coffee shops and cafés are expected to see the strongest growth in share from 2017-2023F, with the top 5 coffee shop/café brands projected to increase their estates by a combined addition of +110 net sites in 2023F. This places coffee shops and cafés at the forefront of operators looking to expand their food-to-go business.

According to the report, coffee is by far the most important breakfast drink, accounting for 61% of all breakfast drink occasions. Operators should take advantage of this and ensure they have a high-quality coffee offering to boost business.

However, the report also found that consumers are increasingly purchasing food-only, with both food and drink purchases declining by -4.2ppts year-on-year. This trend indicates that operators should focus on developing cross category meal deal offers to boost value perceptions and encourage spending.

Breakfast meal deals can foster value for money credentials and boost spend. Operators should consider offering breakfast meal deals to attract price-conscious customers and increase their spend.

Commenting on the findings, Insights Senior Manager Katherine Prowse stated: “The food-to-go market continues to evolve, and it’s clear that coffee shops and cafés are the main focus for operators looking to expand their business. With consumers placing increasing importance on high-quality coffee and food-only purchases, operators should focus on developing offerings to meet these changing trends.

The report provides a comprehensive analysis of the food-to-go market, including trends, opportunities, and growth prospects for key players.