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4 In 10 Brits Uncomfortable Sending Food Back

Up to 4 in 10 diners have expressed discomfort when sending unsatisfactory food back when dining out according to new research Listen closely enough in any British eaterie and sooner or later you will doubtless overhear someone quietly complaining about ...

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Duck Cassoulet

This winter warmer is a favourite at LittlePod, suppliers of real Madagascan vanilla paste and extracts. A hot one-pot meal is a great idea, particularly on those cold days. LittlePod MD Janet made this cassoulet for a live music event ...

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Venison Pies with Vanilla Sauce

We are, as you can imagine, big fans of sweet filled pies and we often whip up batches of sweet pastries for LittlePod gatherings. However, this is one of our favourite pie recipes, and it’s savoury. You only need a ...

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Get Yourself an Advantage!

There’s a growing trend for reducing meat consumption and increasingly customers are seeking out vegetarian and vegan options. Restaurants and enterprises across the UK are starting to respond to this demand, looking to increase profit margins by offering more inclusive ...

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